Bookmark and Share your findings with Report Shareable URLs

Modified on Mon, 13 May 2024 at 02:57 PM

From Omniscope version 2021.1 onwards we have added the ability for the end-user to explore data in a Report and share their findings with others via a Shareable URL.

When the report is generated it is based on some dataset. While exploring this report and using filters, a viewer might come across an interesting insight that they wish to share with others, which will be based on a specific data subset. 

Sharable URL can be obtained from the report interface to preserve link to the visual exploration, preserving the filters and variables state.

The viewers can use this method without any additional user permissions, to save, bookmark or share their explorations with others.

In a different use case, this is also a useful method for the report author to point their audience to a report subset as a starting exploration point, while making sure that the report opens with specific filters.

The link can be bookmarked for easier distribution, e.g. Sales report where area = "North" can be a default link for the manager for this area, while other managers can have other customised links. This is a simple way to customise report exploration experience where the audience members have interest in different data subsets.


NOTE: If editors make filter changes, and synchronisation is turned on then the filter changes will be reflected for all users, including other Report editors.

Further reading: 

The sharing of filter states is based on URL filter functionality as described in more detail in this article. You can further customise the URL based on the rules defined by URL filters.

How to get shareable link

To obtain a shareable link, simply open any Report, and do some filtering. Once you have found an interesting data subset - you are ready to share: simply click on three dots menu button and pick "Shareable link...". 

This will open the dialog showing you the link to the current Report exploration, with the URL containing filters and variable field names and values.

Note - currently only the "Filtered-IN" query filters are represented in the URL.




You can then send this link to other users, and when they open the link they will see the same report exploration. They will be able to change the filters and variables state by clicking on the Reset button.

NOTE: This functionality is available for Report Viewers, and you do not need to enable any permissions.

Filtering using Variables

The functionality is further extended by the option to integrate report Variables in the URL link. This could point the report viewer towards a specific outcome in 'what-if' analysis. 

Report Variables are defined in the Data Model area and need to be integrated inside a Data Model formula in order to dynamically affect the formula fields' values.

For more information about how to filter a Report using URL parameters and generate shareable Report URLs filtering and setting formulae variables, see this article.

NOTE: If there is an 'active variable' on the report tab (an exposed variable with a value different from the default value) it will automatically appear in the shareable link. The link author can simply specify a variable value, then click on the 3 dots menu to integrate this value inside the URL link.
The link recipient will be able to edit this variable URL component and edit the value to continue their own exploration.

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