From Omniscope version 2021.1 onwards we have added the ability for end-user to filter Report and share their findings with others using a shareable URL.


This functionality was mainly added for Viewers (who are not authorised to edit the Report) to share their findings with other users.


NOTE: If editors make filter changes, and synchronisation is turned on then the filter changes will be reflected in all users including other Report editors.

The sharing the filter states is based on URL filter functionality as described here. You can further customise this URL based on the rules defined by URL filters.

How to get shareable link

To create a shareable link, simply open any Report, and do some filtering. Once you are happy, and you are ready to share. simply click on "three" dots and click "Shareable link...". 

This will open the dialog showing you link to the current Report with url filters representing your filter states.  A quick note on this subject, currently only the "Filtered-IN" query filters are represented in the URL.




You can then send this link to other users, and when they open the link will see the same filter states as you. 

NOTE: This functionality is available for Report Viewers, and you do not need to enable any permission.