Sometimes you need to share data or charts, but need to hide the name of the client or other sensitive information.

The Omniscope Scramble block provides a perfect solution - it will scramble the names of selected text fields in a consistent way, so that visualisations will retain the shape without revealing the sensitive label.

You can do this easily in Omniscope by connecting your source to the Scramble block and using the output to power the report or a data output file (see the green block).

You could also create two versions of the report - one for external, containing the scrambled labels, and another, full dataset for internal use. Create the first report, duplicate it and re-configure with a different split field.

Bonus feature: you could send the 'masked data' to someone, receive re-calculated /modified version back, then use the aggregated list you created earlier as a key to de-code the dataset on your end!

See the demo file below - you can download and import IOZ project.