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Modified on Fri, 18 Jun, 2021 at 9:34 AM

Omniscope allows you to configure custom tooltips for the following views: Area, Bar, Bar range, Box plot, Funnel, Line, Mirrored Bar, Pie, Pyramid, Radar, Scatter, Streamgraph and Waterfall. We intend to roll this out to other views over time.

How do custom tooltips work? This short article should give you a clear understanding so that you can integrate this powerful feature into your own dashboards.

Lets start by focussing on one view: the Bar view.

In the example below I have a stacked bar. When I hover my mouse over a stack segment a tooltip is shown:

The tooltip shows all the configured values for that particular stack: The split value, stack value and measure value. In Omniscope these are referred to the Data driven values. You don't need to configure anything for this tooltip to be displayed, it is automatically generated by default.

Likewise if I have a bar view with no stacking and hover over one of the bars the tooltip shows me the split and measure value:

Omniscope allows you to disable the data driven values and/or configure your own custom measures. To configure, open the Bar menu and expand the Tooltip section. By default Show data driven values is ticked:

If we untick Show data driven values no tooltip will be shown. 

We can add one or more custom measures by clicking the + in the Tooltip measures option. For each measure we can customise the name and formatting.

For other views (eg. Pie, Line) the process is the same. The tooltip options are shown inside the menu for the element that will display the tooltip, so in the case of the Pie view the tooltip options are in the Segment menu and in the Line view the tooltip options are in the Marker menu.

As always, get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.

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