If you are on the Team plan, you can decide to add a set of Report Viewers to your licence and Omniscope installation.

A Report Viewer is a user who can explore, interact and reshare reports built by others, i.e. an editor / analyst.

Group Permissions

To enable Report Viewers you would have to configure group permissions and users by following these steps:

1) Disable anonymous user, by selecting "None", to prevent anonymous users obtaining the Editors or Viewers seats.

2) Create a Group for your Editors, giving them Project Editor group permissions.   

2b) Specify the Editors for this group by selecting the authentication mechanism and adding the users credentials / identity.

3) Creating another group for the Report Viewers, selecting the "Report viewer" preset.
Then add the Report Viewers to the group same way you do in 2b)

Report Sharing settings

Make sure your reports are shared by using the "Authenticated through Server folder permissions" option, so the group permission set above will be used when serving the Report.

As an admin you can always see how many concurrent editors an viewers are connected to Omniscope by navigating to Admin -> Health -> Concurrent User (Details)  ( /_admin_/health/concurrent_users ) page