Supply Chain Center of Gravity Calculation - dynamic calculus based on user interaction

Modified on Sun, 26 Dec 2021 at 12:05 PM

In the ever evolving world of supply chain management it is important to constantly evaluate goods movements challenges and make optimisations.

Calculation of ‘center of gravity’ is linked to making decisions on where to position warehouses and facilities in a way to minimise distances and trips needed to supply / restock / pick up goods with minimal resources spent.

Omniscope can make this calculation based on delivery locations and different measurements (weight, volume, units) as weight in the data preparation workflow, in the Field Organiser block, and end up with one result for the whole dataset, or one for each subset, like one central location for each region.

Different challenge would be to perform various ‘what if’ calculations, so that report viewers can dynamically include/exclude and handpick areas that should be left out of calculation by interacting with the visual dashboard and filter devices. Someone managing the shipment operations on the ground may wish to exclude certain postcodes (because a new warehouse was built last year) or to exclude completely those locations with low shipment frequencies and quantity below some value N. This on-demand dynamic calculation requires different approach and cannot be done prior to visualisation.

For those interested in how dynamic calculation can be managed in Omniscope - see below Report Data Sources image (Report block > three dot menu), where multiple ETL inputs can be further aggregated, queried and have more calculations added. In this particular case a Query block is inserted before Aggregation and Formula blocks, so that calculation input is controlled by the end user’s filtering/selection.

Important - original data source feeding the reportfile:///Users/visokio/Desktop/Screenshot%202021-12-26%20at%2012.02.55.png(Input 1) should be used as a source for the derived data flow that will utilise querying functionality. When deciding which field filters to expose in the report interface it is important to differentiate between the filters that control the flow of the data feeding the formula (these are fields from Input 1/ 'All shipments' source!) and the field filters for the result (here called 'Recalculated Centre'), which are filtering calculated values

Charts that are visualising dynamic calculated values should have 'Recalculated Centre' (here Source 2) as Data source (from the left sidebar).

Project IOZ and the source file are attached below.

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