New Omniscope ROCK build - 2020.2

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We're pleased to announce the latest quarterly "rock" build of Omniscope, version 2020.2 b20956. A rock build marks the end of a development phase (2020.2) with a build that has passed extended manual and automated testing and is suitable for production deployments.

Download the latest rock build here


New Map view in production

This ROCK brings a production-ready version of the new Map view, as introduced experimentally in 2020.1. You can now blend GeoJSON, Shapefiles and KML files with report data, and create multiple layers of points, lines and area fills on top of customisable base maps. 

We’ve replaced the previous Map and Choropleth views; existing reports will automatically be migrated to the new Map view with identical appearance. All missing functionality has been added: selection, data export, colour keys, clustering, zoom modes, bundled GeoJSON files. 


Working Copies of projects

Working Copies let you maintain separate but linked “master” and “development” copies of projects (workflow, reports and local execution data), to easily but safely control updates to your production dashboards with a click. You can keep both files on the same server, or for total isolation, use separate production and development servers or a production server and multiple local desktop installations. More....

Formula measures

These let you plot dynamically calculated values in views such as the Bar and Pivot, using simple expressions in Omniscope’s Excel-like formula syntax. In this HR data example, by department, we’re showing the average age of women compared to the average age for all sexes:

Copy/paste within Reports

It’s now much easier to reuse parts of your dashboard and save time with repetitive configuration. Report tabs, styles, views and fields can now be copied to the clipboard and pasted into another report - which can be in a different project, or even on a different Omniscope installation. The target will need a compatible data schema and the same installed Omniscope version. More...


Editing and workflow API in reports

In addition to the query and custom view APIs, Omniscope 2020.2 brings a new Workflow Execution REST API, allowing custom views or 3rd parties to programmatically trigger and monitor execution of part or all of the workflow, typically used to update the data in the report when required.

We’ve shared a community custom view which demonstrates the new API - you can use this in your dashboards using “Workflow Execution” in Add View menu, or view the source on GitHub when developing your own custom view. Documentation.

This is part of an expansion of editing functionality within Omniscope which you’ll see more of in 2020.3. See the blog post

Enhancements to Multi-tenant reports

Last ROCK saw the introduction of multi-tenant reports, where a single report can become multiple variants for different data subsets based on the visiting user. This ROCK, we’ve added “Scenario” URL fragments, where a portion of the visiting URL can be used to influence the report variant. Documentation.

You might use this if you have your own authentication framework outside of Omniscope, or to automate generation of PDFs for each variant, as seen here using the community custom block “Report to PDF batch output”.

Smoother dashboard data refresh

We’ve improved the experience in reports/dashboards, when a data refresh happens. Omniscope now preserves the existing dashboard and its previous data while a refresh/execution is ongoing, and swap-in the new data only when ready, with a brief and unobtrusive update. 

We’re also now preserving the per-session filters of read-only visitors, when a data refresh arrives.

Other improvements

Turbo-charged performance

This ROCK includes significant performance improvements to Omniscope Evo. General server-side performance has been improved many times over, and we’ve reduced I/O overhead on production servers. 

Better automation with Scheduler

  • A new “retry” task configuration option, letting you retry a specified number of times if a task fails.
  • Importing tasks using drag and drop, making it easier to backup or migrate scheduler task configurations.
  • A new log file “service_scheduler_task_log.csv”, well structured in CSV format, with a row per task execution, with data including start time, end time, outcome etc., making it much easier to monitor and analyse scheduled tasks using Omniscope itself.

Report views/visualisations

  • Custom markers in Scatter/Line
  • Improved menus for adding and changing measures and groupings.
  • More responsive filter/variable sliders
  • De/normalise split axis in Bar/Line/Area
  • Cascading option in Line
  • Configurable “Other” in Bar
  • Logarithmic axis in Line/Scatter
  • Connect markers in Scatter
  • Expand/collapse all in Filters
  • Cell alignment in Table


  • Option to select fields to retrieve in Database Source block, and to limit or disable preview data.
  • Option to specify custom HTTP headers in the File block when accessing a URL, e.g. to specify an auth token.
  • Append block improved performance

Advisory notes

Omniscope Classic users

Omniscope Classic’s Map view has been updated to use modern MapBox styles, ensuring maps continue to be displayed correctly after MapBox remove support for their classic styles in future. If you’re using Omniscope Classic, or are running an Omniscope server hosting legacy “Mobile” web versions of Classic IOK reports, you are strongly advised to install this update. 

Mac users

From 2020.2 onwards, we’re providing the Mac version as a TGZ file rather than DMG; after installing (downloading and extracting to Applications), you will need to manually trust the application in the OS X system preferences.


As usual we're already busy working on 2020.3. Look forward to a richer data editing capabilities within your reports, bookmarks in the workflow, a new Exploring mode, wider cloud deployment options, more intelligent defaults in your reports and views, and much more!

As usual, please let us know your feedback at Stay safe!

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