Omniscope branding allows you to brand your own styling and logos to the application including reports and file list pages.

Branding follows the same principle as Server permissioning in regards to how they are applied and set. For example, just like you can set permission a particular folder, you can also configure branding on a per-folder basis. If you have multiple clients you can create a folder for each client with each folder having their own branding. If a folder does not have a branding configured, then it will inherit branding from parent folder.

The configure branding go to Admin Web app which is accessible via “Admin” link in the footer of the File list page and choose Branding/Permissions link.

To configure a particular branding click on “Edit branding” in the top right hand corner. 

You would then be able to configure styles and upload images to different parts. The branding settings also allow you to configure defaults for “Reports” (available in Report styles) which can be further customised on a per-report basis. The edit branding dialog also allows you to import / export branding bundle if required to make it easier to apply branding of another folder to the current folder.


Reports take their default branding the first time they are opened from the folder. You can override folder branding on a per-report basis from the Report settings dialog.

NOTE: When you share your IOR you have an option to embed your branding to the reports. When the user opens your report it would automatically have all your configured branding.

Styling of view

Each view bundled with the application provides a set of styling options, some of which may be specific to the view, and some others which are generic to all the views. 

Report templates

At the time of writing we have not yet added support for template reports, however, this is on the road map and will be added in the future.