Omniscope License Key Activation / Deactivation and 30 Days Free Trial

Modified on Fri, 27 Oct, 2023 at 1:47 PM

Activation and 30 days free trial

On the Visokio website, new users have multiple options to test the Omniscope application:

- Option 1. allows them to test Omniscope on Visokio's sandbox on any mobile device. This option doesn't require a download, as the app is running on our cloud. The option is suitable for testing purposes only and is not an alternative for commercial use.

- They can download the app and run it on their own machine (Option 2. in the image) or deploy it in their cloud (Option 3.)

Omniscope needs to be fully activated to allow you to play with any project or serve any file.

The first time you start Omniscope on your machine, your default system web browser will open up, and you will be prompted to choose either to activate the app with your purchased license key, or start a 30-day free trial to evaluate it.

To activate, enter your 16-digit key in the “License key” field and then click “Activate”.

You will need to launch the application after successful activation.

Manual activation

If you have issues trying to get online activation to work, you can try activating using "manual" activation. 
In Omniscope Evo on the same initial web app page there's a link to manual activation. Please follow the instructions from the app. 

If on the other hand, you are using Omniscope Classic, to activate manually you should attempt to activate again, and then on failure, you will automatically be prompted to try manual activation.

Deactivation and Refresh

If you need to move the license key between machines, or if you are about to update your OS, you should 'deactivate' your Omniscope license in order to release it. Refresh step is needed if your license settings are updated (e.g. if you have extended/renewed subscription or upgraded the key to another plan).

To deactivate your licence or refresh it you need to go to the Admin Web App (accessible by clicking on the "Admin" link on the welcome/ Files page), and then click on Licensing. 

From here you can either refresh or deactivate your licence.

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