Mac installation

Modified on Thu, 10 Mar, 2022 at 8:11 AM

Omniscope is available for MacOS; the latest version of OS X is required.

Installation instructions (Omniscope version 2020.1 onwards)

Due to additional restrictions by Apple, we no longer distribute the Mac version as a DMG file. It's now distributed as a TGZ archive, which must be installed as follows.

  1. Download the desired VisokioOmniscope-Mac.tgz file from our download page.
  2. Extract the file by double-clicking it. Visokio will appear. You can now delete the tgz file.
  3. Drag Visokio into your Applications folder.
  4. Launch the Visokio Omniscope application by double-clicking it. 
  5. Follow these instructions to permit it to run.
  6. Final step, on first run you will be prompted to insert your credentials to complete the data engine setup. A dialog with this message will appear "Omniscope Data Engine requires admin privileges to complete installation". Follow the instructions to finalise the installation.


There are some limitations in the current Mac version of Omniscope, primarily because the Mac has a fundamentally different operating system from Windows PCs. E.g. some Microsoft Office interoperability is not present. You can also only open one instance of Omniscope Classic at a time.

Installation instructions (for versions before 2020.1 only)

  1. Once downloaded

    Double-click the VisokioOmniscope.dmg

    The dmg will be verified by Mac OSX automatically on double-click.            

  2. Move into Applications

    Drag Visokio Omniscope icon to Applications

    If you have an older version of Omniscope installed, choose Replace:

  3. Add to the Dock (optional)

    Open Applications in a Finder window and drag the Visokio Omniscope application icon onto the Dock:

  4. Starting application

    First time you start Omniscope you may be prompted to verify Visokio Omniscope application, choose Open:

If you see a warning that the application is from an Unidentified Developer, open "System Preferences > Security & Privacy" and "Open anyway".


Should you see an error message "JavaAppLauncher" (or "Visokio Omniscope") is damaged and can't be opened" you should follow the instructions here to enable Omniscope to run on your machine.

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