Omniscope is available for MacOS; the latest version of OS X is required.

Installation instructions (Omniscope version 2020.1 onwards)

Due to additional restrictions by Apple, we no longer distribute the Mac version as a DMG file. It's now distributed as a TGZ archive, which must be installed as follows.

  1. Download the desired VisokioOmniscope-Mac.tgz file from our download page.
  2. Extract the file by double-clicking it. Visokio will appear. You can now delete the tgz file.
  3. Drag Visokio into your Applications folder.
  4. Launch the Visokio Omniscope application by double-clicking it. 
  5. Follow these instructions to permit it to run.


There are some limitations in the current Mac version of Omniscope, primarily because the Mac has a fundamentally different operating system from Windows PCs. E.g. some Microsoft Office interoperability is not present. You can also only open one instance of Omniscope Classic at a time.

Installation instructions (for versions before 2020.1 only)

  1. Once downloaded

    Double-click the VisokioOmniscope.dmg

    The dmg will be verified by Mac OSX automatically on double-click.            

  2. Move into Applications

    Drag Visokio Omniscope icon to Applications

    If you have an older version of Omniscope installed, choose Replace:

  3. Add to the Dock (optional)

    Open Applications in a Finder window and drag the Visokio Omniscope application icon onto the Dock:

  4. Starting application

    First time you start Omniscope you may be prompted to verify Visokio Omniscope application, choose Open:

If you see a warning that the application is from an Unidentified Developer, open "System Preferences > Security & Privacy" and "Open anyway".


Should you see an error message "JavaAppLauncher" is damaged and can't be opened" - you should follow the instructions here to enable Omniscope to run on your machine.