Omniscope Evo will have direct Salesforce connectivity in future. Until then, here's another way to access the data in your Salesforce account, as a regular Database source block:

  1. Sign up for and install the Progress Salesforce JDBC driver for your platform - note this is a trial of a commercial 3rd party product.

  2. From a terminal, navigate to the install path, then go inside "Progress/DataDirect/JDBC_60/lib" folder, and execute:
    java -cp sforce.jar com.ddtek.phoenix.sql.Server
    for example:

  3. In Omniscope Evo, create a new project and add a Database block:
    Select database: JDBC (advanced)
    Browse for sforce.jar (in the same folder as above)
    Driver class: com.ddtek.jdbc.sforce.SForceDriver
    (you can omit the SecurityToken part if you have configured a trusted IP range in Salesforce)
    Leave username and password blank (in fact you can put them here instead of in the URL; no matter)

  4. Click Connect

  5. After a brief pause, select a table from the Table menu; the DATA tab will appear with the results.