Omniscope Evo can load data from pretty much any SQL compatible DB that comes with a JDBC driver.  

Start by adding a Database block from the Blocks menu, then in the Connection section select "JDBC (Advanced)".

You then need to specify:

  • the path to the JDBC driver - typically a JAR file
  • the Driver class - typically described by the driver DB vendor.
  • the JDBC URL - which is the address to the Database, whether local or remote.

Example to connect to a SQLite database.

optionally you can configure username, password and some advanced key-value parameters to pass to the driver when connecting to the database.

Once the connection has been established (by clicking on the Connect button), the block will list the tables found on the database. You can decide whether to connect to a single table, use some record filter rules, select the table fields you're interested or provide a custom SQL statement to execute a custom query to retrieve the data you like.

Remember, when supported you can connect to your Database in "live query" mode, and link one or more sources directly to a Report block to visualise and explore the database data directly, without having to load data in Omniscope.
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