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This page refers to Omniscope 2023 and earlier. From Omniscope 2024.1 onwards, Snowflake connectivity is bundled with Omniscope -  you will be able to connect to Snowflake as seen here:

But if you're still using a version before 2024.1, read on.

JDBC driver setup (Omniscope 2023 and earlier)

To make Omniscope able to connect to a Snowflake database it is first necessary to upload the jdbc driver in the admin app. This is a necessary step the first time Omniscope needs to connect to a Snowflake database, or when the Snowflake jdbc driver itself needs to be updated.

If the jdbc driver is not configured, Omniscope will be unable to connect to Snowflake, and it will show an error like in the in the image below.

To configure the jdbc driver for Snowflake navigate to the Admin app, then open the 'Database Drivers' section:

Next, scroll to the Snowflake section, and follow the download link:

In the new tab, scroll to the very bottom and follow the link associated to the latest version of the jdbc driver (3.9.2 at the time of writing ).

In the new tab you need to select the file called snowflake-jdbc-<version>.jar 

where <version> is the latest version of the jdbc driver. In the scenario below, the file needed is snowflake-jdbc-3.9.2.jar.

Important: Make sure to download the correct file here (i.e., the one with a jar extension, and not a -javadoc, -sources, -tests suffix) otherwise Omniscope will not be able to connect.  

To upload the jdbc driver to Omniscope go back to the 'Database Drivers' section of the Admin app, scroll to the top of the page, select 'Snowflake' in the 'Database' dropdown, and chose the file downloaded earlier.

Finally click 'Upload' to upload the driver:

After the jdbc driver has been uploaded, Omniscope will be able to use it to connect to Snowflake:

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