If your Omniscope Evo installation is performing badly at times, we may need you to capture and send us some diagnostics, so we can investigate and make suggestions or develop improvements/optimisations.

Capturing diagnostics

Wait for Omniscope to be busy doing something that appears to be slower than it should, or causing the server to be unresponsive. If necessary trigger the action / perform the task to enter this state.

Then, while it is in a slow situation:

  • Grab an App diagnostics zip from /_admin_/health/. This will tell us what Omniscope is doing at an instant in time.
  • Open /_admin_/health/profiler?period=10000 and wait 10secs then save the web page. This will tell us what Omniscope is doing over a 10 second period.

During or afterwards, you can also:

  • Open /_admin_/health/resource_monitor and save the JSON data. This will tell us how some resource/performance metrics are changing over time.

Send this to support@visokio.com, along with screenshots and descriptions of what Omniscope is doing and what you are perceiving, and we'll look into it.