If you see download/network related errors in the browser for Omniscope 2019+, follow these steps to send us diagnostics (this is for the Chrome browser, our recommended / most supported browser).

  1. Reproduce the problem in the browser.
  2. Send us a screenshot of your browser.
  3. Send us the exact Omniscope version number installed.
  4. Send us the Chrome version (3 dots > Help > About Google Chrome)
  5. Open developer tools (3 dots > More tools > Developer tools)
  6. Open the Network tab
  7. Click the browser Reload button in the main toolbar at the top
  8. Wait for the error to appear in the page
  9. In the developer tools network tab, many rows of data will have appeared. Right-click any of them, and "Save all as HAR with content".
  10. Send us that HAR file.

All files sent to us should go to support@visokio.com.