Omniscope has improved workflow execution data in project compared to previous version:

  • Always keep the execution data in full for blocks connected to Report blocks.

  • Keeps the execution data in full when the data is underneath a small threshold (e.g. 500K cells) and for all leaf blocks, as long as there is disk space available under a user defined free space threshold.

  • Following the above rules, Omniscope will perform auto-cleanup to keep workflow execution data only when necessary, giving priority to more recent workflow executions.

There are two main ways of executing your workflow. These are available as buttons on the main toolbar.

Execute (what is needed)

When you click the Execute button in the Workflow App, Omniscope will now execute only the necessary workflow paths to provide the data downstream to the leaf blocks. The execution is more efficient and dynamic so you can execute and build data as you build your workflow.

Omniscope will work out what blocks to execute by taking into account previous execution data and the current blocks configuration status.

When you select a block and click Execute button, Omniscope will disregard the previous execution data for the selected block, and re-execute the workflow upstream from it.

The UI will show whether a block has been executed and its execution data is available (cached) within the project stored in full (block will appear with fully coloured background) or when a block execution data is not present (block background will fade out).

Refresh (force refresh all data)

When clicking "Refresh from source" Omniscope will trigger workflow execution from the block inputs (sources) to downstream leaf blocks, essentially discarding any previous execution data and re-executing fully the workflow. If a block is selected in the Workspace, clicking "Refresh from source" will only affect the workflow paths flowing to the selected block, making Omniscope execute the selected block upstream branches.