Use a custom Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Modified on Mon, 03 Sep 2018 at 04:11 PM

Omniscope is a web application that bundles a specific Oracle Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version to run on different OS. The JVM version is updated from time to time depending on feature and bug fixes availability.

It could happen that users experience an app misbehaviour / glitch due to a known Java bug, hopefully already fixed by the Oracle Java developers in the latest available Java version.

To customise the JVM to be used follow these steps:

  1. Install the JVM by downloading and running the installer (32bit or 64bit depending on your Windows) from
  2. Check that Java is correctly installed, e.g. in "C:\Program Files\Java\jre8_171" 
  3. Right click on the Omniscope shortcut and find the location.  
    It should be something like: "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Visokio Omniscope app" or "C:\Program files (x86)\Visokio Omniscope" , depending on the installation. 
  4. Open this location and edit "" file . 
  5. Change #JVM_DIR=.... to JVM_DIR=C:\Program Files\Java\jre8_171 (or whichever is the path) and save the file.  N.B. the "#" in from of the line must be removed to uncomment the setting.
  6. Start Omniscope, and verify it is using the customised version by going to the Admin Web app -> Logs section and look at the content of the "main_log.txt" file: you should see a line saying which Java version Omniscope is running on.
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - ============================================
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - OMNISCOPE SERVER LOG STARTED
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - Version   : 2018.1 b20211
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - User      : ubuntu
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - Max memory: 6.35 GB
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - Fork      : false
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - Java      : Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_171 arch=64
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 DEBUG [omniscope.server] - OS        : Linux 4.13.0-1019-gcp amd64
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - Folder    : "/home/ubuntu/omniscope-server/"
    2018-09-03T09:26:11.175+0000 INFO  [omniscope.server] - ============================================

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