Using the Content View - static and dynamic text, links and images

Modified on Wed, 12 Oct 2022 at 12:27 PM

A brief guide or cheatsheet for the Content View in "rich text" mode.

The Content View allows you to write and format static content much like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can style text bold, add headers, bullets and numbered lists, tables, images and links, all point and click, without any HTML code:

Uniquely, it allows you to insert data-driven values using formulas. The fx button lets you insert a displayed formula result; use the Omniscope formula syntax. The formula editor dialog shows function documentation once you insert a function. As you filter, the document will update to show the new results.

For example:


To customise how the result is formatted, we're working on a UI. Meanwhile use a formula:
TEXTVALUE( ...something... , "#,##0.00") 

in this example meaning thousand separator and 2 fixed decimal places.

You can also use a formula in place of nearly every setting for items in the document. For example:

When using data-driven styles, colours must be text string formula results using a CSS colour value. Example values are:

  1. "red"
  2. "rgb(255, 127, 0)"
  3. "#886655"

Use a colour picker to help you get the right colour. You might, for example, have a table cell become red when a value exceeds a threshold.

When inserting links, be sure to include the "http://" or "https://" prefix in the URL option. Links can also be data-driven, e.g. linking to the search results for a value in your data:

Add images and logos to the dashboard by clicking on the image button :

- as a static image file bundled with the project - just drag and drop the image file to attach

- by referencing a url location where the image is stored (local folder or on the internet with a full "https://" prefix)

- dynamic image (result will respond to filtering/selection on the tab) by using a formula-driven option e.g. 


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