If you are an Omniscope Classic user and wish to take advantage of the Omniscope Evo technology you can either rebuild the existing project, while using the old design as a blueprint, or use an automated mechanism to convert the workflow part of your project (DataManager in Classic).

To use the automation process - open Omniscope Evo application either from the Start menu or by clicking on the blue icon on your desktop.

- Upload your IOK file by clicking on the upload button or simply drag the file to the middle of the project page.

The file will appear with an orange icon to indicate IOK format.

- Click on the 'Migrate button' - this operation will convert your IOK DataManager to the Evo data workflow. You will see a bunch of health warnings to inform you what the process will do

- Check the results, to make sure the data was uploaded and transformed successfully

You will notice that there are now 2 files with the same name on the list - the process will keep your original IOK file along with the Evo's IOX project and a compressed file data in IOD format.

You will have to add new visualisations, as the old chart libraries are not compatible with the new technology used in Evo.