Chart Menus: View or Download Data + add Summary Row to the Table

Modified on Wed, 23 Aug 2023 at 02:46 PM

Omniscope users have an option to expose the displayed datasets to the the report viewers and allow them to view / download and explore the chart data.

Within each report, an option called the "Show view menu" can be found in the "Report Settings" menu. Activating this option adds a menu to every chart displayed on the dashboard. This additional menu provides users with enhanced data interaction capabilities.

The viewers interacting with the view menu can perform the following actions:

View or Download Data

Source Data: This option enables viewers to download the unmodified raw data, providing comprehensive access to the dataset.

Displayed Data: Alternatively, users can opt to download a table containing filtered data that corresponds to the current chart's display.

Download Chart Image: users have the option to download an image representation of the chart and use it / save it independently of Omniscope dashboard.

Introduction of Summary Row in the Table and Aggregated Table Views:

Omniscope's new feature allows report creators to include a summary row in the downloadable and displayed datasets in the "Table" and the "Aggregated Table" views.

Summary row options are customisable and can be found in the Table's "Totals" menu (see image below), including the naming of the summary row header.

Users have control over each individual column's aggregation function within the summary row (see the cog button in the column header), so for some fields the user can pick sum, mean or another statistical function, or leave the summary cell blank.

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