Log files in Omniscope

Modified on Wed, 27 Mar at 12:12 PM

In the Admin -> Logs section you can access, tail or download all logs file available in Omniscope.

On your server you can also access the files typically in omniscope-server/logs folder, unless customised.

Here's a brief description on what each files are for and what data they contain:

Omniscope Server log files:

  • main_log.txt  : the principal log, contains errors, stack traces, and most important messages logged by Omniscope for example during workflow executions, reports querying, app startup / shutdown, data engine errors, local storage events, data clean-up events,  I/O disk and network errors.
  • stderr_log.txt  : the standard error log 
  • stdout_log.txt  : the standard output log

Services log files:

  • Admin Web App:
    • service_adminwebapp_log.txt  errors and messages logged by the Admin app


  • service_scheduler_log.txt : Scheduler logs about configuration changes, errors.
  • service_scheduler_task_event_log.csv : CSV about task events, it logs the event of actions and tasks executed, when they starts, ends, Date,Task name,Event,Action,Detail
  • service_scheduler_task_log.csv : CSV about the task executed by the Scheduler, with info about Task name,Trigger,Scheduled time,Start delay (seconds),Start time,Duration (seconds),End time,Outcome,Has warnings,Log

Omniscope Web App:

  • service_mobilewebapp_log.txt : web server related logs, authentication / authorisation messages and errors
  • service_mobilewebapp_access_log.csv : web server access logs (CSV that you can consume in Omniscope Admin dashboard to analyse traffic in Omniscope directly)

Query Api log files:

  • queryapi_log.csv  : CSV verbos log of all queries executed by Omniscope to serve Reports , Views, and Tables.
  • query_sql_log.txt  : Logs the SQL statements executed by Omniscope to serve Reports, Views and Tables.

Resource monitor log files:

  • resource_monitor.csv  CSV about resource usage on the machine where Omniscope runs (CPU, memory, disk, etc)
    Note these can be visualised in the Omniscope Admin Monitoring dashboard.

Custom Block execution log files:

  • custom_block_executions_log.txt: custom block execution Python / R logs, messages, errors.

R/Python package installation log files:

  • r_host_package_installation_log.txt  :  the messages / errors happening during R package installation on the host.   If Docker is configured,  messages are redirected to main / stderr and other logs.

python_host_package_installation_log.txt : the messages / errors happening during Python package installation on the host.   If Docker is configured, messages are redirected to main / stderr and other logs.

AI log files:

  • ai_interpreter_log.txt the messages going on while using the AI Block
  • ai_expenses_log.txt the log to keep track of the token used to estimate the AI consumption

Workflow execution performance files:

  • workflow_exec_perf.csv CSV to measure workflow performance, block execution times, threads, cpu use.
    Note this can be visualised in the Omniscope Admin Monitoring dashboard.

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