Use Project REST API to Create Projects from Templates

Modified on Tue, 13 Jun 2023 at 02:56 PM

Omniscope Evo empowers you to effortlessly create new projects using a REST API. 

With this functionality, you can leverage third-party scripts/software to generate projects in designated server directories. 


For seamless API usage, file management must be enabled and you must have scheduler enabled on your licence.

You should ensure that the request is pre-authenticated if you are using OpenID authentication. Alternatively, you can employ the "List of users" authentication mechanism and pass user/password details using basic authentication through the Authorization header.

To generate a basic authentication header based on your credentials, check out websites like They make it a breeze!

For more information on how to set permissions see here.

Swagger docs

To access the Swagger documentation, please proceed to the designated folder where you intend to create a project. Then, utilize the following URL:


This URL will grant you access to the comprehensive Swagger documentation tailored specifically to the folder in question. By exploring this documentation, you will gain a profound understanding of the available API endpoints and their associated functionalities.

Creating a new project

This API endpoint allows you to create a new project.


BodyJSON (see below)

Where the path to folder is the full path to the folder where you want to create the project. 

Request body (JSON)

The name you want to give to the project.
templateIdThis is an optional text, and if specified it corresponds to a project template you want to use as a basis of creating a new project. See section below about how to retrieve the template IDs. If you do not specify this then a blank new project will be created.
parametersThis and optional key value pairing of project parameters you want to set. This is only relevant if you use the templateId property and the template has some project parameters defined.

Example request


If the project is successfully created you will get response 200 with the following JSON

The name you want to give to the project.
pathThe relative path to the project.

Example response: 

Get all the project templates

This API endpoint allows you to retrieve a collection of project templates that can serve as a foundation for creating new projects.




The API response is an array containing all available project templates that can be utilized as a reference for creating new projects.

A unique id of the template. This is the id you should use in the templateId in the create request.
A description of the template
parametersThe API response is an array of objects, with each object providing a description of a parameter. Each parameter object includes a "name" field that should be used in the create request, along with a corresponding "value" field that represents the desired value to be set for that parameter. 

Example response:

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