Group and Search Tasks; use Parameters in Scheduler configs

Modified on Wed, 5 Jun at 8:04 AM

The Omniscope Scheduler application has undergone significant enhancements from build 21914, aimed at improving task organisation and user experience.

The introduction of a search functionality enables users to quickly locate specific tasks, actions or items within the scheduler action settings. This includes the ability to search for file names, returning results that highlight projects where a specific file is used either as a source or output.

Users now have the capability to group scheduler tasks, with the option to expand and collapse each list for easier navigation. Tasks not assigned to a specific group are listed under the 'Default group' at the top. Additionally, grouped tasks can be easily un-grouped as needed, or moved to another group, from the individual task menu.

A new feature called Multi-project action allows for the automation of file refreshes within a designated folder. Files within the folder are executed in alphabetical order, making it convenient for scenarios where multiple projects are stored, each associated with a different client or product.

Furthermore, users now have the ability to  add app-wide parameters to the scheduler task/actions settings.

Parameters are referenced and inserted within curly brackets. For example you can use syntax i.e. {{param_name}} as a value. When the task is executed these parameters are automatically replaced with the actual value of the parameter. 

Note: At the time of writing only Text / File path / Folder path types were supported within the scheduler app settings.

The value of the parameter can be managed from the three-dots menu, in the app-wide parameter settings, while the copy button (see image below, via link icon on the Scheduler action page) will enable the user to copy the param name with the brackets and paste it into the desired setting box, such as "Folder". 

Read more here about the core Scheduler app functionality and further about

Scheduler app and Workflow API .

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